Your eyes can touch me
Your scent can embrace me
Your voice can graze my skin
And that’s what I’ll miss most of all

I want to believe it ~
and trust what the body can know
But the body lies

Your eyes evade me
Your silence betrays me
The lies your body told were so unkind

And I couldn’t face it ~
I was a cliche, and behold
You couldn’t save my soul

I couldn’t face it
I couldn’t face what I know

The body lies
My body lied
Your body lied
The body lies


Lyrics by Janine White
Composed by Janine White
Vocals by Janine White
Cello by Kitty Thompson
Keys by Janine White
Programming by Steve Hiehn
Guitar by Steve Hiehn
Sam McLellan - bass
Recorded and Mixed by Janine White
Mixed and Mastered by Karl Mohr
Produced by Vincent Marcone and Janine White
From A Collection of Creatures, released January 21, 2014
Cover art by Vincent Marcone aka My Pet Skeleton