Don't want to breathe
Don't want to move
Don't want to leave here

See what I am
See what I know
See what I see

I chew the tongue who whispered the fortune
There's nothing left but a twisted devotion

Liquid diamonds roll down my skin
And the wind whispers around me
Dark place
A sweetness that I've never known
Hits me like a stormy ocean
Dark face...
Dark love...

I'll take you like a stormy ocean
It's not enough, I need more

Oh wicked thoughts, from where did you come?
Dark things breathe their heated sighs

I kiss the cheek and eat the mouth
And taste the tongue that never lies

Don't want to leave, don't want to move on
To love and lust in a hateful distortion

It's unsaid
Some things are better left unsaid


And I'll give you these motions of emotion
And I'll take you like a stormy ocean
And I'll have you, with this twisted devotion
And I'll have you


Lyrics by Vincent Marcone
Composed and Produced by Johnny Hollow
From Johnny Hollow, released January 1, 2003