You took the sadness from my eyes
you wore a charming disguise
you took the truth with all your lies

You took your hat off untied my bonnet
and you took my body
when you didn't even want it

Give it back
I want it back

You wore a silicone smile
that bullshit doesn't pass as style
but I was blinded all the while

You shook my confidence and found my weakest bone
and took a piece of me
that should have been my own

Give it back
I want it back

You took my pride out for a ride
you threw my soul into a hole
why did I let it fucking slide?

You raved and ranted and you breathed and panted
and you took for granted
that I'd always want your fucking

Give it back
I want it back

You drank my blood like it was wine
you cannot pick me off a vine
you cannot take what once was mine
you are a fucking swine

Give it back
I want it back


Lyrics by Janine White and Kitty Thompson
Composed and Produced by Johnny Hollow
From Johnny Hollow, released January 1, 2003