He'll chase away the skeletons harboured in your christian closets
salutations to a passenger of guilty trips
of guilty trips well travelled and travelling
thoughts of glory holes, of angel kisses
of golden showers
all cured by a holy bottle of h2o

So shock me Peter
This is the day
For this unruly soul to make it's getaway
Shock me Peter
Clear the way
You're selling lies, but it's enough to make me stay
(Get away)

A diluted broth of plastic pop songs birthed of sunlight and toxic glitter
fed unto the wanting, spoonfuls of formaldehyde
laced with a pinch of ginger
and the midnight people, banished by oil-slickened productions
my zombie honey, do you realize what you've done?
your loneliness is killing us
ruled and ruling, beckoned by the beckoning


Get away from your golden arches, your pre-packaged prophets designed to conduct your choreographed lives
morals for immortality, quarrels for brutality
blank stares and stifling yawns, all fed to the broken masses

(wash it all away)

Angry egos and holy placebos will cast away the rotting
with your hollywood gods, all built on a mountain of recycled flesh
dead eyes fashioned with wide smiles
it's hard to stay beautiful without the tender touch of a scalpel's knife
tell me your stories, tell me your glories
tell me your light and I'll tell you my dark


Lyrics by Vincent Marcone and Janine White
Composed and Produced by Johnny Hollow
From Johnny Hollow, released January 1, 2003