When I was a boy...
way back in 1983...
...and the television was my holy spirit
It showered me with sitcom moralities...
That were plumed with technicolour commandments:

Get a girl
Get a house
Have a family

And if it all goes wrong?

Do it again.

That... was the televised truth.
The funny thing about truth...
It’s twisty. It’s.... malleable.
It’s as real as a mirage inside of a dream.

One day when the holy spirit wasn’t looking...
...a smoky silhouette approached me
...and I inhaled, desperate for the scent of him.
It was a clandestine moment...
His eyes, like fire...
I wanted to burn.

And the silence cracks
As the angels rage
And the wolves howl
As my lovely jinn sings

I wanted to burn…

I am the flame
You are the heat
Let’s burn together
Inside the beat


Lyrics by Vincent Marcone 
Composed by Vincent Marcone and Janine White
Vocals by Vincent Marcone
Background vocals by Janine White
Cello performed by Kitty Thompson
Programming by Vincent Marcone
Additional programming and guitar by Karl Mohr
Engineered and recorded by Janine White
Mixed by Janine White and Karl Mohr
Mastered by Karl Mohr
Produced by Vincent Marcone and Janine White
Art work & design by Vincent Marcone aka My Pet Skeleton
From The Old Gods of New Berlin, released April 21, 2019