Johnny Hollow is a music/art collaboration whose core members, Janine White & Vincent Marcone, weave together cinematic songs and darkly beautiful imagery. Their unique brand of avant-garde pop blends organic instruments with electro-industrial sounds. Always accompanied by intricate dark art, the music falls into a niche that touches on steampunk, darkwave, goth genres, while evading specific categorization. Over the years they have acquired an impressive legion of devoted fans who have supported several successful crowd-sourcing campaigns.

White & Marcone have frequently collaborated with fellow artists, among them Steve Hiehn, live guitarist and contributing programmer, Tomazs Dysinski, animator, bassists Sam McLellan, Reza Shaffaf, and Sandy Horne (Spoons), drummer Jeff Cote, contributing programmer Tim Glasgow, and mix/masterer Karl Mohr. Kitty Thompson, one of the founding members of JH, continues to contribute haunting cello to their tracks, a signature feature of their sound.

Johnny Hollow has produced 3 full-length albums and a number of EP’s. Their music has been featured in movies and television shows. They have also produced a legacy of stunning multimedia works, including award-winning websites, online games, and short films in collaboration with Marcone's famed alter-ego My Pet Skeleton.